Glass and Stone - a Fusion long Awaited - FuzionGlasz ™

Recycled Glass Products for the Hospitality and Multi-Residential Markets

Skelton & Coleman is proud to offer our newly developed Glass Stone product, which is a fusion of glass and stone to produce a economical and viable surface material for the Commercial Construction Industry.  

Color Creation

You know what is even more exciting about our new Product?  We can work with your Designers or Owners to create a unique color for your projects or we can work to match an existing color of your preference.  Minimum order quantities are required.

An Affordable Alternative

While the American Stone Industry is in flux due to the current tariffs against imported Engineered Quartz products, our Glass Stone Fusion product provides an affordable alternative.  The new product is comparable to the investment value of Natural Stone, such as Granite and the color continuity of Engineered Quartz.  Our Glass Stone products provide the best solution as we move forward into the 21st Century.  

Regarding the issue of tariffs against imported products?  Skelton & Coleman's 79% Glass/Resin and 21% Natural Stone products will ensure our products will not be subject to the existing tariffs against Engineered Quartz.  There will be 18% tariff for this product.  Test data is available upon request to authorized parties.